Rapha Ball

Rapha Ball

Rapha World - Yes, we specialize in Ceramics.

Have you heard about ceramics?

The word 'ceramic' means a hard material that is created when clay is heated to very high temperature s. The Rapha Ball was made from various kinds of natural mineral matter found in Korea that was specially treated to radiate far-infrared rays and negative ions. It is baked and cooled under high temperatures several times; an action which results in high extrusion strength and has no percolation materials, no deformation and yields semi-permanent use. (You will be satisfied with Rapha Ball as it is baked for 45 hours at 1,500°C)

The Rapha Ball

There are generally three kinds of Rapha Balls; the Far-Infrared-Ray Ball, the Alkali Ball, and the Antibiotic Ball. These different types of Rapha Balls affect water, oil, and other substances to have positive effects.

Synthetic detergents are harmful to the environment

Synthetic detergents made from petroleum and/or coal also contain a lot of chemical substances such as phosphates which accelerate water pollution. These synthetic detergents (neutral detergent, shampoo, rinse, etc.) are used to do laundry, wash dishes, bathe, and various other everyday activities. These pollutants eventually end up in the rivers and oceans accelerating aquatic plant decay and exhausting oxygen levels in the water. Keep in mind, this water will return to your drinking supply.

Toxic effects of synthetic detergents on the human body
  • - Causes liver trouble. This has been verified by looking at liver cells under a microscope.
  • - Reduces the number of red and white blood corpuscles
  • - Decreases the function of enzymes in the body.
  • - Destroys sperm. It is believed to cause deformed child birth.
  • - Results in low levels of calcium in the blood and overall acidification of the body. This can cause fatigue and eventually may lead to cancer.
  • - Causes increased absorption of chemical substances to the body.
  • - Brings the onset of arteriosclerosis.
Rapha Ball helps the environment

Rapha Ball fundamentally changes the properties of water. Although only a small amount of detergent is added, washing can be performed effectively. Detergent-free washing leaves a small carbon footprint.

Rapha Ball assists in washing effectively!

There are two kinds of Rapha Balls related to washing. The first is the Far-Infrared-Ray (FIR) Ball which splits water molecules into smaller clusters. Since smaller clusters of water molecules have weaker surface tension, dirt is removed more effectively resulting in more eco-friendly and effective washing. The second is the Alkali Ball which keeps the pH spectrum at the level of an ordinary chemical detergent which in turn helps remove oil, dirt, grit, and stains.

Principal of Washing

Water Contains floating materials like Chlorine and heavy metal which is bad for human. After putting our ceramic inside, it breaks the water into small pieces and get rid of bad materials.

  • 1. If our ceramic contacts water, it breaks water cluster into small ones.
  • 2. For example, there is a dirt on the cloth, If the water cluster is big it can`t easily remove the dirt. But if the water cluster is small it can easily get rid of dirt from the cloth.
  • 3. The small clusters gets between cloth and dirt and take it off from it.
  • 4. So this is the method of how our Ceramic washes.
Rapha Ball Saves You Money

The use of Rapha's Magic Washing Ball will allow a lesser amount of detergent to be used; and since the Rapha Balls change the properties of water, a lesser amount of water as well. All in all, the Rapha Ball saves you money.

Rapha Ball is good for your health

Atopy means 'strange disease' in Greek. Atopy is a sort of skin disease that is very common among people of the modern world, however there is no known cure. It is verified through numerous studies that one of the reasons that triggers this disease is the use of synthetic detergents. Yes, Rapha Ball can reduce the symptoms of atopy that are caused by synthetic detergents.

The Far-Infrared-Ray Ball helps the reduction of these symptoms by changing hard water to soft water. Anions aid in the health of the human body by keeping the blood flowing smoothly, controlling adrenaline, and maintaining peripheral veins which drops blood pressure and maintains stable heart rhythms. There are many other positive effects of anions that the FIR Ball radiates. The effect in which the FIR Ball splits water molecules is called the Lenard effect. In other words, the FIR Balls split water molecules, radiate strong energies (far-infrared rays) in ambient temperatures, and miniaturize and break down liquid clusters such as water, oil, fats (edible oil), and fuel (gasoline / diesel / kerosene). The liquid then becomes activated where it can harmonize with organisms through sympathetic resonance and vibration.

This goes to show that this technology can be used in many fields such as health and daily life. General ceramics which are produced by many other companies have a high probability of breaking, having cracks, or leaking into food due to the fact that many are only baked at 900°C for about 5-10 hours. The Rapha Ball, on the other hand, is very hard and has a compression intensity of 500 kgf which ensures that it is safe to use and will not have cracks or break easily. (Keep in mind we bake it for 45 hours at about 1,500°C)

Through far-infrared-ray and electron radiation of the ceramics, water molecules are activated and oil molecules are separated resulting in oil being easily washed away. This is the most important basic function. The size of the resulting molecule is depicted by the frequency shown on the spectrum pictured on a magnetic resonance image. It is then possible to compare the frequencies of unprocessed water and oil to those samples processed with ceramics introduced. (Rapha Ball has a brilliant value of 63.9 Hz)

Rapha Ball is a patented invention which offers solutions to the problems that similar products from other companies face. Some of these problems include the products not functioning properly at peak high temperatures, or the actual melting and deforming of materials when exposed to high levels of heat. Rapha Ball, on the other hand, is our main product and we manufacture in Korea. We carry high quality products that have been certified by various different certification systems.