Magnetized Water Machine

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This product as an equipment, activates mineral melted in water and creates magnetized water that makes tumbling with drinking water or drinkable liquid inside of the bottle and splits water molecule for absorption to our body to promotes metabolism

Convergence Technology of Magnetized Water and Mineral
  • Magnetized Water Invention Patent No.10-1442756
    Ceramic Invention Patent No.10-1024224, No.10-0818220
    Hi-home Magnetized Water is based on the magnetic vortex from Hi Home Korea Co., Ltd and Je-ju University, and connected as fusion technique by Prof. Baek, Woo-Hyeon at Kyeong-sang Univerisity. And it is the upgraded product which makes water; human body needs.
  • Innovation Fusion Technique

    - Tumbling turns the specialty of standing energy water. It provides useful energy for our body not to add any material as drinkable water through water rotation of standing energy water.

    - The releasing material from the mineral,
    received Patent (No.10-1024224) the 6 Engine
    which is grafted fusion technique
    by the Prof. Baek, Woo-Hyeon, passes ionization process and relieved to make mineral components for useful water for our body. Composition of action composed as 1 engine to 6 engines and it is created by passing each 6 engines through their independent action..
  • Representative Effect

    - Activates metabolism of the body to inspire the energy to our body
    - Magnetized water promotes melting material ionization for better flavor and digestion of food
    - Keeps freshness of the vegetables
Magnetized Water Machine Design Concept
Magnetized Water Machine Parts Name
How to Use

1. Pour 400㎖ of water and activates 20 seconds for water tumbling.

2. Depends on the liquid type, pour 400㎖ when you do not put normal coffee
powder or roasted coffee. And do not make over 300㎖ if you have other
mixture such as milk, cream powder or sugar and activate 20~30 seconds.

3. In other use with high viscosity solids, it will be over-activated of the motor.
Please control the amount depending on viscosity and use if it is possible.

4. Please open the lid when you use. The lid can be opened caused by shock
due to the gas gets full by the carbon dioxide exposure and very high pressure
builds up in the bottle.

5. Tumbling alcohol such as wine, it needs 20 seconds-1 minute action depends
on the type of alcohol. And it will be softer to drink if you find the right
drinking condition.

6. Especially for the baby's milk, you will see effective mixture and magnetized
water condition.

7. For beauty treatment use, please use liquid which does not have any powder
because it causes mortal trouble of the machine.

How to Wash

· How to Sterilize the Plastic Bottle
1) Put coarse salt(bay salt), or 2-4 spoons of vinegar depends on the bottle size.
2) Pour water 1/4 of the bottle, active 10-20 seconds.
3) Brush the lid and the entry part with the soft toothbrush.
4) Wash with pure water and dry in shade the bottle.

· How to Remove Scale of the Bottle
1) Smash the eggshells in small pieces and put in the bottle with water.
2) Active 30 seconds.
3) Wash with pure water and dry in shade the bottle.

Directions for the Use
  • Use under 40℃ material
    (Concerning of use for high temperature to prevent burns and it is impossible to repair the defect caused by high temperature.)
  • If amount of tumbling water is not enough to reach the mineral stick, please lean the cup to reach the mineral stick.
  • If viscosity is high, active less than 10 seconds and repeat.
    (Repeat to active 10 seconds and to rest 3 seconds)
  • Open the lid when you use the material generates carbon dioxide.
  • Lifespan of the battery depends on the frequency of use and viscosity of the material, and can use two months; 400 ㎖ of water, four times a day
  • Use the motor in 1 minute, and the excessive movement causes the breakdown of the machine.
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