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Handheld Galvanic Ion Facial/Eye Wrinkle Massager

Satisfy the strong desire to maintain a youthful appearance! Galvanic ions, physical, vibrations, and an LED(red) with a wavelength of 660nm make all of this possible.

Out of the many parts of the human body, the part that easily gives away one´s age is the area around the eyes. Wrinkle-Free was created with the purpose of targeting this specific problem area.


Wrinkle-Free is a handheld electronic beauty device that utilizes various features to target and improve the condition of facial wrinkles.


The use of this device will allow the user to fully maximize the effectiveness of cosmetic products such as eye creams.

It will allow for absorption into the deep layers of the skin.


By emitting ions into the skin, Wrinkle-Free allows the effectiveness of eye creams and other cosmetic products to be experienced to the fullest potential by the user.
It truly facilitates a synergistic relationship.

The vibrations of the device have massaging and lifting effects that also relieve stress and tension.

Customizable LEDs with varying wavelengths are activated to assist in skin whitening or the rejuvenation of cells.

How to Use

how to use

1) Check to see if the battery is properly inserted.

2) Apply cosmetic cream to the treatment area of the skin.

3) Hold the device and gently touch the operating switch.

4) Contact the tip of the device to the treatment area of the skin.

5) When both the operating switch and device tip come into contact with the skin, the device will be activated and start to vibrate.

6) Massage the treatment area.


- Emits ions into skin for various positive benefits

- Massaging effect

- LEDs whiten skin and rejuvenate cells

- Handy design promotes convenience and ease of use

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