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WHITEPLAN is a tooth whitening system that uses the same method and processes as dental clinics, but was developed for home use. This tooth whitening system is highly effective in a short amount of time with the use of a whitening agent containing hydrogen peroxide, a customizable oral tray, and a Blue LED light beam. With 5 minutes usage for 3 times a day, in just one week you will see the results.

SYSTEM 01 WHITEPLAN Activator(Whitening gel)

WHITEPLAN utilizes a whitening gel that is invigorated with an additional activator gel. It is effective even with the use of a small amount of gel while remaining safe to use with no negative effect to the teeth or gums. WHITEPLAN utilizes a tooth whitening device. It will safely store the whitening gel and the activator gel separately.

However, these 2 types of gels are combined upon use to provide more effective synergistic results.


WHITEPLAN includes an oral try that is customizable to the oral structure of the user´s teeth and gums. First place the oral tray in hot water (about 70˚C) for 1 minute and take out.

When the tray has cooled for a little while (to about 45˚C), bite down on the tray and fix with your fingers to fit snugly against your teeth and gums. When it hardens, you will have an oral tray that is customized to fit your oral structure.

Since there will be no negative space between your teeth and this customized tray, the whitening process will be extra thorough.

In consideration of the oral cavity and the safety of the user, material seepage, cytotoxicity, and sensitivity tests have been performed to assure the safety of this product.

SYSTEM 03 WHITEPLAN Light Curing Unit

WHITEPLAN utilizes a Blue LED Light Curing Unit along with whitening and activator gels. (Only WHITEPLAN has received the license of this Light Curing Unit)
WHITEPLAN's Light Curing Unit has been verified by Yonsei University Dentistry Department as having the capability to whiten teeth. Technology such as the special diffusing technology of LCD monitors and the highly effective in whitening Blue LED light provide a functionality that will uniformly and effectively whiten teeth.

WHITEPLAN, with its Light Curing Unit, sets a new paradigm in providing an effective teeth whitening system.

The Scientific & Systematic WHITEPLAN - Verified Whitening System

This verified system was initially researched and developed for 2 years, Clinically demonstrated
by Koryo University, licensed, patented, and selected as a top design.

- Approved as a tooth whitening pharmaceutical by the KFDA

- Light Curing Unit approved as a medical device

- by the KFDA (Invigorates tooth whitening)

- Approved as a tooth whitening pharmaceutical by the KFDA

- Approved as a tooth whitening pharmaceutical by the KFDA

- Approved as a tooth whitening pharmaceutical by the KFDA

WHITEPLAN 5th Generation Teeth Whitening System - Luster Activating Type

Safe and effective with the activator! Customizable Oral Tray fits snugly so all parts of teeth come in contact with gell Enhance and speed up whitening effct with Light Curing Unit !

Uniform Whitening Throughout - Diffusing System

The luster activating system works effectively while the diffusing system allows uniform whitening

WHITEPLAN's light curing unit utilizing the light diffusing system through the use of the Blue LED's spot light treatment(light that is concentrated on one area) to evenly spread and diffuse the light so all areas of the teeth will be exposed to the positive whitening effects.

Diffusing System: In order to diffuse the Blue LED´s spot light treatment (light that is concentrated on one area), there is a transparent light-guiding panel with an etched laser pattern on the inside of the Light Curing Unit.

Reasons for tooth discoloration - SEM (Detailed microscope) photo

WHITEPLAN Direction of Use - 3 l 5 l 7 System (3times a day, for 5minutes each, for 7days)

You can see the results if you use it consistently for 1 week.

1. Thoroughly read the instruction manual
before use.

2. Place the oral tray (all except grip handle)
in hot water (about 70˚C)
for 1 minute and take out.

3. Take out of the water, line it up correctly,
and bite down on the tray. Be sure the suck all
the air out of the tray while it hardens so there
is no negative space.

4. Bite down on the tray and fix with your
fingers to fit snugly against your teeth and gums.
You will need to do this before it starts to harden.
When it hardens, you will have an oral tray that is
customized to fit your oral structure.

5. Squeeze out one marked segment of the
activator gel from the tube (around 0.8~1mL)
in the upper and lower portions of the oral tray.

6. Fit the oral tray over your teeth.

7. Place the Light Curing Unit at the entrance
of the mouth over the oral tray.

8. Activate the power switch and hold against
the tray until the device automatically shuts off
(5 minutes).

9. During treatment, tilt head back a little to
prevent the gel from mixing with saliva in the
mouth to yield better results.
(repeat steps 5~9 a total of 3 times a day)

** Compare the color of your teeth before
and after 1 week of WHITEPLAN treatment with
the shade - guide that is supplied with the set.

Competitor Product Comparison

When compared, the difference in quality is apparent.

WHITEPLAN is a special product because it not only has superior whitening effects, but also can boast user safety through the quality of the materials that are used.

Whitening Type Gel Type Whitening(Syringe) Gel Type Whitening(Syringe) Gel Type Whitening(Tube) Stick Type Whitening
Activator Invigorates Whitening with Activator none Manual Mixing from Tube Type none
Oral Tray Type Customized to User Customized to User Standard Generic Tray none
Biological Test Results Oral Tray & Device Cover:
material seepage, cytotoxicity,
and sensitivity tests passed
none none none
Light Curing Unit
(Approved as Medical Device)
Device licensed as tooth whitening none Device has not been approved none
WHITEPLAN License and Certifications

Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Patented, GD selected

WHITEPLAN has been certified by the Korean Food and Drugs Administration, Korean Intellectual Property Office, and the Korea Institute of Design Promotion

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