Magic Water Stick

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Product Information

 Magic Water Stick changes ordinary water into alkaline ionic water. It also has an efficient
sterilizing effect that gets rid of germs and bacteria while generating hydroxyl ions.
It is proven under rigid quality control tests by an authorized laboratory.

  • Creates alkaline water
  • Protects against oxidative damage
  • Sterilizes effectively by removing bacteria and germs
  • Purifying effect on water
  • Emits powerful far-infrared-rays
  • Increases minerals and hydroxyl ions in water
  • Beneficial health effects while giving greater vitality

Stick-A: The CBM-1 Ball has a registered patent stating that it generates mineral ingredients and turns water alkaline.

Stick- B The CBM-3 Ball has an antibacterial, purifying, and sterilization effect by emitting far-infrared-rays and negative ions.
These far-infrared-rays break down water molecules into smaller clusters activating the water allowing for deeper
penetrating capabilities with high thermal conductivity. This means that the water has better flavor and absorption capabilities.
The CBM-3 Ball eliminates mold, pathogenic organisms and increases cleaning strength of the water.

How do you keep your body healthy?

 Good eating habits and regular exercise are the foundation for a healthy lifestyle.
A crucial part of this is to drink good quality water frequently throughout the day.
Magic Water Stick yields alkaline, mineral-rich water which has many positive effects on the human body.
We should drink at least 1,600mL of water throughout the day to remain healthy and hydrated.

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