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USB Multi-Board for your Computer Desktop

U-BOARD will give you a brand new experience.
Whatever your job maybe, U-Board will simplify your
working environment and help you to reduce the working time.
Additionally, U-BOARD's simple and slim design will fit perfectly into your desk top.

Desktop PC User
U-Board will organize your desktop and increase worktime efficiency.
Notebook/Laptop PC User
Is your monitor too low? U-Board will solve this problem, and also make your laptop a lot more convenient to use.
U-Board can create a very efficient workspace where you can use your computer and tablet at the same time.


  • Material: Glass - tempered glass, Frame-ABS
  • Size: 555x210x80 mm
  • Weight: 1.6 kg
  • Produce Company: Rapha World
  • Made in Korea


  • Do not place monitors or objects that are heavier than 15kg.
  • Do not sit or stand on it.
  • Do not connect External Hard with unstable voltage.
  • It is not recommended to connect many USB devices that
    take up lots of power, and it can be the cause for malfunction.
  • We do not take responsibility for data loss.

USB Part

  • Power: 5V USB Power
  • Port: 3 Port
  • Operating Temperature: 5~55℃

Package Includes

  • 1-Glass - tempered glass
  • 2-frame(Left:USB, Right)
  • 1-Cup&Memo Holder
  • 4-Screw
  • 4-Screw Cover
  • 4-Rubber
Product Image