Portable Toothbrush Sterilizer(TS-101)

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Characteristic of product
  • Lamp: ultraviolet rays and ozone sterilize various viruses and pathogenic bacteria.
  • Air vents: allows humidity to escape when toothbrush is being stored
  • Toothbrush holder: holds toothbrush firmly in place to avoid noise or movement
  • Double air vents
  • Top case
  • Toothbrush storage case
  • Lamp switch button
Why use the toothbrush sterilizer?

When a toothbrush isn't being used, it can accumulate bacteria that can cause a number of different conditions such as bad breath, tooth decay, periodontitis, among others. Viruses, colds, and influenzas can travel and end up on your toothbrush which could make you sick. A toothbrush being wet after use naturally makes it a cradle for rapid bacteria growth among other germs.

The American Dental Association has identified toothbrushes as being a major intermediary in propagating bacteria actively. In general, oral bacteria is easily killed by brushing the teeth, however, the toothbrush plays a great role in transferring microbacteria like the vinery micrococcus and chain micrococcus into the mouth quite easily. According to recent studies, oral bacteria can be the cause of a number of different diseases including heart disease. Therefore, to observe general oral sanitation and avoid this wide array of diseases related to oral bacteria and viruses, using a toothbrush sterilizer is a must.