Toothbrush Sterilizer

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It is not a simple white sterilizing box. It is an outstanding design that keeps your toothbrush hygienically and draws attention from the people around you by placing it somewhere in the office or on the table.

USB Table Sterilizer

It is world's first hygienic personal table sterilizer that can be water-washed after taking out toothbrush holder by pulling wooden handle. Consistency if standing any type of toothbrush is kept at the time of inserting so that the brush can be precisely derected towards the lamp, whereby more excellent sterilizing power is assuerd than any other toothbrush sterilizers.

The beautiful design beyond description!
The new concept USB Type! No more hiding in the draw or bag. Have my own toothbrush sterilizer - a fresh design on the table

Product Specifications
ModelUbisafe TS-100
LampCCFL (Ultra Violetray + Ozone)
Lamp Life20,000 hrs
Power sourceDC(5v) USB cable
Operating Lamp32~140 degrees F
Dimensions73mm x 55mm x 55mm
Product Features
Toothbrush holder
Toothbrush is directed towards lamp, assuring outstanding sterilizing power than any other toothbrush sterilizers.
Leaf handle
Tooth brush holder is detachable for easy cleaning and maintaining cleanliness.
USB cable
Use USB cable for convenient recharge. It's a convenient way to keep sound teeth.
Product Image