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It is possible to make an order as an OEM/ODM

  • This line of outstanding toothpaste is made by eco-friendly, natural materials.
    It prevents temporary paralysis of the tongue and drying of the lips so that the taste of
    food does not change after brushing.

  • All the ingredients are selected to be beneficial for teeth.

  • The foaming agent is made from processing natural coconuts without chemical surfactants.

  • The foaming effect is milder than other toothpaste which enables it to be more effective in
    removing foreign substances and germs.

  • Prevents discolored gums, bleeding, infection, gum disease, periodontitis, plaque, and gingivitis.
    It removes streptococcus mutans which triggers tooth decay and bad breath.

  • Leaves teeth looking white and healthy.

New Toothpaste

Clean world Ace nano toothpaste
Clean World Ace Nano
Doctor age detal plus solt toothpaste
Doctor Ag. Dental
Charcoal Toothpaste

Charcoal Toothpaste
Herb Dental toothpaste

Herb Dental Toothpaste
Doctor fresh Gold

Dr. Fresh Gold Toothpaste
Propolis toothpaste

Propolis Toothpaste
Kunchigain toothpaste

Kunchigain Toothpaste
Fresh dental

Fresh Dental Toothpaste
Barley Toothpaste

Barley Toothpaste
Travel Toothbrush Set

Travel Toothbrush Set
 Blue Berry Toothpaste

Blue Berry Toothpaste
New doctor age plus Gold
New Dr. Ag. Plus Gold
Old Toothpaste

In order to place an order of these toothpastes, an MOQ of 20,000 units is required.

Four season toothpaste

Four Season Toothpaste
Soapia ace toothpaste(morning and night)
Soapia Ace Toothpaste
(morning and night)
K-herb toothpaste  red

K-herb Toothpaste Red
K-herb toothpaste blue

K-herb Toothpaste Blue
Nature and Human
Natural and Human
Fresh dental nano for kids
Fresh dental nano for kids