Refillable Laundry Ball Pouch

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Refillable Laundry Ball Pouch
Product information

* Pouch model of Magic Washing Ball was developed to decrease noise, especially in drum laundry machines.
* This is a new refillable model.

  1. Consists of three main natural ceramics contained in a round ball scientifically designed so it could clean laundry without any detergents. The three ceramics are the Chloride Removal Ball, Alkali Ball, and the Antibiotic Ball which emit far-infrared-rays and negative ions.

  2. Substitutes for the major functions of existing ordinary chemical laundry powder.

  3. From a test result from a nationally authorized organization, Rapha World was awarded an excellent cleaning record in cleaning strength and power, decolorant strength, and sterilizing power.

  4. When compared with the conventional washing process, we obtained results that were both desirable and economical: detergent-conserving, water-conserving, electrically efficient, and time saving.

  5. This global invention was recorded in a domestic invention patent, utility model, and design trademark.

  6. The detergent-free washing ball is a versatile product that adheres to natural health and wellness, environmental protection, and science.
Usage / Period of Usage
  • Use in washing machine (regular or drum)
  • Use for 3 years (based on one use per day)
Washing Principle
  1. The powerful far-infrared-rays from the Magic Ball Pouch activate and break water molecules into smaller clusters increasing molecular movement, penetrating force and washing power. Negative ions are also radiated to weaken the surface and inter-fabric adhesion so that dirt is removed without the use of detergents.

  2. The Alkali Ball helps remove oil and dirt from clothing by keeping the water's pH level the same as it would be with an ordinary chemical detergent.

  3. The Chloride Removal Ball eliminates chloride in the water, slackens the water's surface tension, and increases cleaning strength.

  4. The Antibiotic Ball eliminates mold, pathogenic bacteria in the washing machine, and activates the water to increase cleaning strength.