Rapha Treatment Soap

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Perfect Combination of Herb Medicine, Some Hundred Mineral Elements and In-fra-red Rays!

Rapha soap is a world-class soap produced by compounding twenty organic herb medicines including aloe and the inorganic infra-red material called mineral-stone. The mineral-stone contains some hundred minerals including Germanium and Selenium.

Main Ingredients Feature, Efficacy
Far-infrared-ray ceramic powder Eradcates the waste substance in the cortex and there by prevents the formation for wrinkles and pigmentallayers.
Ge(Germanium) Facilitates the reproduction of skin cells and the blood circulation, and thereby ensures a soft, resilient, fresh, healthy and beautiful skin.
Se(Selenium) Dryskin or cosmetic-resistion skin
Pure Palm and Cocount oil Pimples, freckles, other skin spots.
French Perfume (HCRD. GNS) Bad sweat smell or body odour.
Tocopherol Allergic skin disease
Olive Oil Skin Wrinkles or skin aging
Squalane Genital odour, Women's rut, etc.
Herb Medicines enriched(20 kinds such as wormwood and ginseng) Men's loin odour and piles.
Dyes Alopecia and scurf.
PEG #4000 This Soap will also be ideally used for babies.
TiO2 Massaging effect(Swiming)
  • After making bubbles, massage your skin for 2~3 minutes slightly.
  • Keep the soap in a dry place.
  • you may final some pimples on your skin. But, never worry about them! They are temporary ones generated by the welling impurities. Continuous application of this soap will surely make them disappeared.
Effects of Rapha Soap
Pimples, cosmetic-resistant skin
Rapha soap neutralizes waste material and toxin, and consequently you can always keep your skin clean
Washing women's vagina
It is because of the maintenance of cosmetic pressure of humors uniformly and the equilibrium of acid and allcali that Rapha soap prevents all sorts of diseases which women are liable to.
Rapha soap disinfects the wound as a consequence of special antiphrogistic effect.
Rapha soap strengthens functions of a cell and increases immunity. and conquently Rapha soap prevents eczema
Rapha soap ideally used for babies
Rapha soap keeps a sensitive skin softly and provides plenty of minerals.
Rapha soap provides nourishment for hair and remove dandruff.
III-defined dermatitis
Rapha soap keeps your skin healthly from all kind of dermatitis because of a disinfection effect.
Athlete's foot
Rapha soap has a disinfection effect and prevents athlete's foot from returning
Allergic skin disease
Losing the equilibrium of acid abd allcall causes allergic skin disease. Rapha soap regulates skin moisture and maintains weak acid-alkaline skin, and consequently Rapha soap is good for allergic skin disease.