Personal Smartphone Sterilizer

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Cellular phone user is exposed to various contaminants by contacting hands and face to it and spattering saliva on it while speaking. Also, adequate humidity in the pocket and phone's own heat provide very good environment for multiplication of germs. Media reports about 25,000 germs live in every cellular phone and that hygienic management of cellular phone is urgently required.

USB Table Sterilizer

By touching the switch, an automatic sterilization will continue for about 3 minutes.
Recharging is continued even after completion of sterilization.
Lamp will be turned off when receiving incoming call and intentionally touching the switch.

Personal smart phone sterilizer(MS-600) has strong germicidal power of
removing hundreds thousands of germs living in cellular phone in order to

Product Specifications
ModelUbisafe MS-600
LampCCFL (Ultra Violetray + Ozone)
Lamp Life20,000 hrs
Power sourceDC(5v) USB cable
Dimensions124mm x 155mm x 32mm
Product Features
Use for stand and charger at ordinary times.
Sterilizing cover
Close the cover to maximize the power of sterilizing various pathogens.
Recharging while holding on the stand and sterilizing
Recharging is available while holding on the stand and sterilizing.
Lamp will be turned off automatically after about 3minutes.
  • Sterilizable smart phone: shorter than 5.3 inches
  • World's first personal smart phone sterilizer
  • Lamp size: 90mm (maximum size for personal use)
Product Image