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The Ideal in Beauty Ultrasonic Moisturizing Nano Beauty Mist Sprayer

People living in the modern world are exposed to an onslaught of negative conditions such as pollution and stress that undoubtedly have an aging effect.
A direct result of this is that the skin frequently experiences problems and overall aging.
Below is an introduction to a product that will address and provide a solution to these problems and more.


Rapha Mistify Nano Mist sprayer is a beauty device that supplies moisture and nutrition to the skin.

With a sleek, lightweight, luxurious, yet functional design, Mistify is portable and convenient to use while remaining highly effective as a skin care solution.


Whitening, Anti-Wrinkle, Skin Recovery, Nourishing, and Moisturizing are all traits we look for in a facial skin cosmetic product.

By creating synergy between devices that implement cutting edge technology and quality ingredients that have proven positive cosmetic effects, one can experience this beauty product´s full potential.

Mistify Premium Essence, the multi-functional cosmetic content used in this device, consists of EGF, deep sea water, and other natural extracts that have been proven to aid in skin care.


Mistify performs 160,000 ultrasonic vibrations per second to spray mist in nano microspheres which allows deep penetration into the skin.(even when sprayed over makeup)

Regular Mist
When Spraying on makeup the moisture is not able to penetrate paste the surface of the foundation powder.
Mistify Nano Mist
When spraying on makeup with Mistify, nano particles that are smaller than the particles of foundation powder penetrate and moisturize deep into the skin.
Regular Mist
Mistify Nano Mist

A UV sterilization lamp inside the device sanitizes the liquid´s storage tank as well as the liquid itself.
Mistify is highly accurate in where it aims so as not to waste any of the cosmetic mist.

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