Sunny Fresh Ball

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Features of the Sunny Fresh Ball

  1. Eliminates sickness-causing gases from homes such as formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, and ammonia.
  2. 99.9% elimination rate of Colon Bacillus, Staphylococcus Aureus, and Diplococcus Pneumonia.
  3. Over 92% emission of powerful Far-Infrared-Rays.
  4. Creative new concept in manufacturing implements a special process of using a diamond-type pore opening method to create this functional ceramic.
  5. Effective when placed in refrigerators, closets, drawers, and simply in the open.
  6. Being made of only natural ingredients, it is not harmful to humans.
  7. The Sunny Fresh Ball's lifespan is semipermanent so it does not have to be replaced for a long time.
  8. Functions equally well in air and water.

Applicable places for the Sunny Fresh Ball

  • Open spaces of a new apartment or house
  • Closets, drawers, dressers, and shoe racks
  • Refrigerators
  • In or near flowerpots and vases
  • Student's room or baby's room
  • Fish farm, aquarium, or fish basin
  • Vegetable storage container
  • Water culture container for ornamental plants, sweet potatoes, onions, dropworts, bean sprouts, etc.
    ※ Several clinical demonstrations and tests have been performed. This product is currently in the patent application process.
Deodorization and Maintaining Freshness
  • The Sunny Fresh Ball applies the new concept of using eco-friendly materials to deodorize and maintain freshness.
  • Eliminates sickness causing gases from homes as well as various viruses and germs with a 99.9% anti-bacterial effect.
Powerful Far-Infrared-Radiation
  • By eradicating germs and activating water with powerful Far-Infrared-Radiation (same materials patented to enhance blood circulation in the body), the Sunny Fresh Ball enhances the growth of plants by preventing the decomposition of water. Plants can grow fresh and healthy.
  • A test was performed where onions and potatoes were grown for one month in a bottle which contained the Sunny Fresh Ball. The results were that the water did not decompose and the vegetables maintained healthy growth.
Extends Shelf Life of Food
  • An experiment can be performed where the same vegetable is placed in identical bottles; one with and one without the Sunny Fresh Ball. The vegetable that was placed without the Sunny Fresh Ball will decompose at a faster rate. This test will also illustrate the product's capability to remove noxious gases from the air.
  • Food wastes will be decreased by maintaining freshness and extending the shelf life of food.
Reduce sickness causing factors in the home
  • By removing odors and harmful gases in the home, the Sunny Fresh Ball will keep the living environment clean and fresh helping students concentrate, the mental health of children, and the condition of asthmatic patients.
Functions 100% effectively in water
  • Unlike other deodorizing balls on the market today that just suck gases from the air, the Sunny Fresh Ball has the function of simultaneously removing and sterilizing harmful substances upon contact which makes it 100% effective in water.
  • We have succeeded in creating the first of this special type of ceramic with the contact-type function that deodorizes and maintains freshness.