Bubble Foaming Cleaner

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Product Specification

Chamaecyparis obtusa Makeup Bubble Cleansing

· Relieve skin irritation / Antibacterial Action · Elastic skin & Prevent inflammation · NO Pigment, Incense, Paraben, Alcohol and SurfactantHypo-allergenic, Rich-in- bubble

Product Details

Bubble Foaming for Hypoallergenic wash

As a Soft bubble type, relieve skin irritation and cleanse of make-up residue.

Relieving skin with Natural ingredients

Skullcap root, youngji mushroom(língzhī) and barley sproutextracts relieve your skin.

Farewell for skin trouble – The Phytoncide

Japanese Cypress and phytoncide oil allows your skin anti-autoimmune and anti-bacteria.

NO Pigment, Paraben, Alcohol and Surfactant

Pigment, Paraben and alcohol which can give a stimulus to skin are removed.
It is a new balance product to protect your skin by using skin-friendly natural extract for sensitive skin.

Cypress Water and Oil
Relieves skin trouble
Antibacteria for Skin, Anti-aging
Ginger extract
Elasticity of skin, inflammation prevention
Skullcap root extract
Relieves skin stimulation
Effects of ingredients
Japanese Cypress Water and Oil
Japanese Cypress has lots of Phytoncide which is used as cosmetic ingredients and medical supplies due to the effect of antibacterial, sterilization, treatment for skin diseases. Also it has repellent activity of dust mites that cause allergies, reduction of pruritus and Restriction on growth which is a fundamental solution. By displaying the powerful antibacterial effect to parasitic germs in subcutaneous fat, it improves skin trouble.
Propolis Extract
Propolis is the material of honeycomb which is made of plant sap, pollen of flower and honeybee's secretion. Honeybee protects their honeycomb from bacteria and germs with propolis. Not only antibacterial effect but also promoting recreation of skin effect is outstanding, so it is ideal ingredient for the foam cleanser.
Ginger extract
Promoting blood circulation, relieving skin and controlling sebum
Skullcap root extract
Oriental skullcap has been used as treatment herb on history. The root of oriental skullcap suppresses tyrosinase (agent of melanin pigment), Anti-UV, Antioxidant effects.
How to Use

1. Pumping foam cleanser 2-3 times after washing your face with water.

2. Massage your face with the foam enough.

3. Wash off all foam on the face.

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