Corn Socks

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Core Values - Critical Mind

Per capita, average 30kg of clothes are discarded annually (USA)

Per year, 1 million tons of clothes are discarded (England)

Nitrogen dioxide which is committed in chemical fiber manufacturing processemits 310 times stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide which is the main culprit of global warming

1 Adult consumes more than 20 pairs of socks per year

Approximately more than 1 billion people suffer from chronicle starvation And approximately more than 1 billion people are in the state of extreme hunger They are mostly small-scale farmers in developing countries Helping agricultural productivity of these small-scale farmers is the most obvious solution to reduce poverty and hunger

Better information

Better seeds

Better tools

Better storage

The mid-1980s, Ghana government which faced with a serious food shortage had increased investment to rebuild agricultural system of the country Through these efforts, small-scale farmers were able to increased agricultural productivity through improving technology improvement, seeds, fertilizers, and managing insect and disease
Core Values - Solution

The way of being happy all together definitely exists
We hope this start, someone can think that this is reckless, can be a small start that can lead the changes to create better world for all, although this start is not a huge movement

International Corn Foundation is the international aid agency.
which was founded in 1998 to solve food problem and make peace based on scientific and systematic agricultural researches through
Super Corn development in desperation of food crisis, aiming to creating the world with no dying people anymore due to the hunger

Product Features

Corn fiber

Oil is not used as a fuel and it is biodegraded in a short period of time when it is buried in the ground, so it doesn’t cause environmental pollution In addition, it is human-friendly and eco-friendly fiber that usage of fossil fuel is only 30% compared to nylon or polyester fiber


Corn fiber is eco-friendly material that is consist of 100% natural ingredient so it is biodegraded in a short period time when it is buried in the ground.
Surface of the fiber before degradation. Surface of the fiber after buried 1 month underground.

Human Skin affinity

Corn fiber prevents the growth of bacteria.
So it is effective for atopic skin prevention without skin troubles. It is also safe for soft skin of children


Corn fiber has excellent odorless, quick drying,
heat-reservance, and anti-static functions.

01. Characteristics of the water evaporation

02. Maintain heat effect

03. Odor emission effect

SAMPLE Odor concentration (D/T) Characteristics
Corn fiber 182 body odor
Polyester 237 body odor

1 week later

SAMPLE Odor concentration (D/T) Characteristics
Corn fiber <5 No body odor
Polyester 18 body odor left

Carbon dioxide emissions quantity

Dermatitis including atopic skin

Product Image