Magic Beauty Ball

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Beauty ball image
Main Features
  • Softens skin
  • Overall benefit on health
  • Antibiotic effect
  • Decontamination and cleaning effect on tub
  • Positive effects on skin disease similar to those of a hot spring
  • Water is activated by the Magic Ball which emits large quantities of far-infrared-rays and anions
  • The Chlorine Removal Ball eliminates residual chlorine
  • The Disinfectant Ball prevents decay and contamination caused by bacteria
  • The powerful far-infrared-rays from the Magic Ball break down water molecule clusters thus activating the water and resulting in an increased penetrating and moisturizing effect that improves the skin's health.
  • The emission of far-infrared-rays from the Bath Ball helps improve skin troubles by various ways listed below:
    • Promotes blood circulation
    • Activates cells
    • Helps overcome fatigue
    • Relieves pain
  • Residual chlorine can be quite harmful to the skin so this is removed
  • For more information, please refer to actual testimonies
  • Place the Bath Ball in bathtub for regular intervals
  • Chlorine can be removed in a short time, but to activate the water one will have to wait a little longer
  • Stirring the water will activate the water in a shorter period of time
  • After each use, rinse the Bath Ball with fresh water
  • Expose it to the sun once a month
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