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Beautamin-Su is a product that allows the user to generate a beautifying mist using ordinary water.
It regulates the pH balance of the skin by changing ordinary water into an irritation-free, mildly-acidic beautifying mist.
It also 'softens' the water by filtering out residual chlorine and impurities remaining in the water.
It is a skin-friendly beauty mist generator that contains vitamin-C, the Antibacterial Ceramic Ball, and the Chlorine Removal Ceramic Ball.
These components are effective in refreshing and soothing dry and tired skin.

Creates mildly-acidic water

alkaline spectrum

Skin plays a role in not only protecting the inner organs, but also in defending physical and chemical irritations from outside of our bodies.

Healthy skin is covered by a thin, mildly acidic protective film.

This film keeps the moisture of the skin and liquid materials balanced, It also prevents infiltration of harmful external factors such as alkaline bacteria among other things to keep the skin soft and supple (Neutralizing Function).

This healthy skin is of weak acidity at a pH level of 4.5 to 6.

Product Composition

Beautamin-Su has 2 kinds of Ceramic Balls & 1 Ion exchange resin.

Ion exchange resin

- Changes tap water into mildly-acidic water

Antibacterial Ceramic Ball

- Safe for drinking water

- Antibacterial & Disinfectant properties

- Deodorizes water

Chlorine Removal Ceramic Ball

- Removes carcinogens & chlorine in the water

- Dissolves and removes calcium

Product Composition

Beautamin-Su has 2 kinds of Ceramic Balls & 1 Ion exchange resin.


- Beauty enhancing softened water can be directly generated by the user

- Convenient:able to be used anytime, anywhere

Economic efficiency

- Refillable with water

- More economical than disposable products considering the period of usage


- Ordinary water is able to be used

- Easy to carry around and use anytime


- Various uses

- Able to use on whole body

Product Image & Dimension