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Functions of BB-Clean
  • Effective in removing dead skin cells and oils from the skin
  • Maximizes soap bubbles
  • Effective in retaining moisture
  • Promotes metabolism
  • Sterilizing power (97%)
  • Deodorizing effect
  • Emits far-infrared radiation (92%)
What is BB-Clean

BB-Clean is made of a material which is obtained by mixing oil and coal with bio-ceramics. The fiber is produced by Acrylonitrile. Acrylic fibers used in our BB-Clean are made from the second monomer combined in the air to improve solubility and generate alkaline properties. Namely, if a fabric contains more than 85% AN (Acrylonitrile: AN(-CH2-CH{CN}-). If it is under 85%, but over 34% we call it Modified Acrylic Fiber. We produce the fabric state for the acrylic tow fiber and the acrylic staple fiber. BB-Clean is made from a mixture of 100% acrylic fibers and bio-ceramics.

How does BB-Clean wash?

BB-Clean consists of tissues comprised of very fine fibers that can remove any foreign materials from the skin. Bio-ceramics enable reinforced surfactants to clean the skin and maximize the bubbling of soap. More bubble means less actual soap has to be used. The raw materials have hydrophilic and oleophilic properties. Hydrophilic characteristics are those that want to be close to water, and oleophilic close to oil. The oleophilic properties absorb the dirt while the hydrophilic properties retain the water. This is how cleaning is so effective.

How does BB-Clean work?

BB CLEAN contains minuscule fat chemical fibers made of 100% acrylic tissues which make it liposoluble. BB CLEAN is effective in removing foreign matter from the skin because the 'liposolubility' property causes dirt and oils to get caught between the fibers.

Antibiosis of BB-Clean

The spread of bacteria can be prevented due to the fact that BB-Clean's fibers consist of synthetic materials.
Unlike ordinary towels used for bathing, the fibrous tissue of BB-Clean makes absorption of foreign matters and bacteria difficult.
The bio-ceramics that are in BB-Clean are quite effective in deodorization and sterilization.

Composition of BB-Clean
BB Clean Composition

Acrylic Fiber

  • Dislodges oils
  • Suppresses bacteria
  • Very hygienic

Ceramic Ball

Suppresses and sterilizes bacteria and germs

  • Prevents a second infection
  • Natural anti-fungal material used, Ag+
  • ProducesfFar-infrared-rays and anions
  • Reinforces surfactant effect and thus, washing power

High Elasticity Filter

  • High quality dynamic stability
BB Clean Composition

Ag+ Ceramic Ball

  • Suppresses and sterilizes bacteria and germs
  • Prevents a second infection
  • Natural anti-fungal material used, Ag+
  • Produces far-infrared-rays and anions

Negative-Ion Ball

  • Produces far-infrared-rays and anions

Alkali Ball

  • Increases washing power by activating water
Product Image & Dimension

BB Clean Box Dimension BB Clean Box Dimension