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Do you know about Alkaline Water?

The human body has a pH level between 7.0-7.8, and thus should target an average pH of 7.4
A pH level of 7.4 is that of a weak alkali and it is said to be good for the human health.
If you were to drink water of pH level 7.4, that would be very good for your body and health.

Soul-i creates Alkaline Water.

Soul-i is the world's first portable alkaline water bottle that does not require any additional devices inside. The bottle itself has alkalizing properties and will turn the water content of any liquid drink alkaline.


Technology / Performence / Convenience / Eco-friendliness Alkaline earth metals, and various other natural materials; Due to the makeup of the product, Soul-i will bring the pH level of water up to anywhere between 7.7 and 9.5.


minerals, PE

What is wrong with the existing products?

There are devices that run electronically, but these are expensive, bulky, and inconvenient because of the fact they need to be plugged into an electrical socket. Other bottles or containers have the capability to alkalize water, but until now, they all needed some sort of device to be placed in the water that does the alkalizing. It is unfortunate, but some manufacturers have been using lesser quality materials in making these devices yielding less than effective and unfavorable results. All of this without mentioning the simple fact that having something floating and rattling around in the bottle is quite undesirable.

Alkalizing Effects of Soul-i
  1. 1. Positive effects on skin care and weight loss diet
  2. 2. Helps alleviate complications associated with the atopy skin condition
  3. 3. Overall improvement in body constitution/Post-workout recovery
  4. 4. Anti-oxidant (eliminates free oxygen radicals)
  5. 5. The optimum natural health food
  6. 6. Has a sterilizing effect on the water
  7. 7. Ionized water gives plenty of energy by providing a lot of oxygen
  8. 8. Contains and releases minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, among others
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