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What is magnetified water?

Magnetified water is special form of water molecule which is made by strong magnetic field.
When strong magnetic energy effects water molecules, hydrogen action and oxygen anion stick together and react each other. This process allows smaller molecules of water.

Can be disassembled for cleansing
Semi-permanent composite 4 filters
5x anion emission
Benefits of magnetic filter
  • 1. Magnetic field soften the water by separating water molecule, may allow softer feeling for your skin
  • 2. Reverse-spinning filter create more bubbles and resolves oxygen into the water.
    It also helps to separating the water molecule
Micropore Shower Plate
Micropore (Ø0.20/410ea) shower plate : Enhance water pressure & saving fuel / water
Patented Magnetic Filter
Soften water with strong magnetic field & vortex to maximize bubble effect!
Illite Filter
Absorbs micro dust and emits anions
Preprocessing Mesh Filter
Dust in the tap water, rust of pipe or sand can be filtered so that protects shower plate and user`s skin
4 times stronger water pressure!

Massage skin softly and remove dirt easily!
More comfortable, quicker shower available!

Water saving test result from Korean, German and Canadian Institudes!
The beginning of eco-life for your home!
60% Less water, 400% more pressure!

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