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Save up to 90% of detergent usage!!!

The magic washing ball has special ceramic balls inside that change the properties of the water itself which enables for very powerful washing. If you use the Magic Washing Ball, you only need to 10% of the regular amount of detergent.

Reduce atopy symptom

You know, Synthetic detergent causes harm to people. It causes skin disease. If it became aggravated, it can cause cancer. If you want to reduce atopy from cloth. Magic Washing Ball is the perfect answer. It is safe to customers. No harm!

How does it work?

The Magic Washing Ball has three kinds of ceramic balls made of natural materials:

Far-Infrared-Ray Ball
Changes the property of water by radiating far-infrared-rays that break down clusters of water molecules helping washing become more effective. It also removes the chlorine content in the water.
Antibiotic Ball
Eliminates mold, pathogens, and other bacteria
Alkali Ball
Helps washing by changing the pH of the water to that of water mixed in with a regular laundry detergent
Features of MB310
This is the main product of our washing ball line
The top and bottom portion are connected and held together by plastic screws
MB-310 was launched in March 2004.
Outer surface made of an elastomer which gets softer in warm water to protect delicate clothes
Saves detergent, water, and electricity
Sterilizes bacteria and germs
Prevents skin disease by reducing detergent residue on clothing
Helpful to those with atopy skin condition
No unpleasant smell
Eco-Friendly product
Usage and period of use
Use in washing machine (regular or drum)
Effective for three years based on one usage per day (about 1,000 times)
Clean laundry machine!!!
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