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Hihome Magic Storm Shower-head!
  • · SUS Filter sustained semi-permanently, eliminate rust and dirt
  • · Rich in anion; 500,000 anion and soft silky water flow refresh your skin!
  • · Micro water flow massages skin and scalp
  • · Illite ball baked over 1200 Celsius degree; emits Far-infrared ray and oxygen!
  • · 0.2mm micro-pore strong water flow eliminates detergent and pesticide well!
  • · Saving up to 60% of water and 50% of fuel while shower and washing dishes!
380 Micro-pore
Hihome Shower Head
380 Micro-pore water flow wash deeply inside of the skin with more pressure and smaller molecule,
so that the skin refreshes better than normal shower head.
4 times stronger water pressure!

Massage skin softly and remove dirt easily!
More comfortable, quicker shower available!

Water saving test result from Korean, German and Canadian Institudes!
The beginning of eco-life for your home!
60% Less water, 400% more pressure!

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